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November 8, 2006

2006 OSDL Linux Client Survey – Help design tomorrow’s Linux desktop

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What should the Linux desktop of 2007 and beyond be like? That’s what the OSDL wants to know in its latest Linux Client Survey, which runs from now until Dec. 1. The results will help the OSDL’s Desktop Working Group work on the areas of development that are critical to users.The survey, while touching on consumer issues, such as iPod support, is really focused far more on business use. Besides general questions — how many desktop systems does your company use? — the OSDL also wants to know such specifics as what peripheral equipment needs to work with your Linux desktops. And, if you are going to run Windows applications on Linux, what method, such as virtualization or WINE, would you use.

If you fill out the survey and supply an email address, the survey results will be emailed to you when the survey is complete. The OSDL states that your email address will be kept strictly private and will not be used for any other purpose. Additionally, when you finish taking the survey, you offered the opportunity to view the results that have been compiled so far.
You can participate in the OSDL Desktop Working Group’s latest desktop Linux survey here.

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August 23, 2006

Desktop Linux survey

Filed under: Poll — rakeshvk @ 6:14 am launched its 2006 Desktop Linux survey on August 21, asking users of Linux desktops to identify what distributions they use, as well as their choice of windowing environment (KDE, GNOME, etc.), web browsers, email clients, and Windows-on-Linux solutions.

Participants are asked to refrain from promoting or advertising the survey to mailing lists, or encouraging friends or co-workers to vote for specific software, in order to ensure that the survey represents a broad sample of Linux desktop users rather than being used to advance a particular open-source software cause.

As usual, will publish the results of the survey following its conclusion.

Click here to participate:

                                                                      Vote in the 2006 Desktop Linux Survey

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