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November 8, 2006

Microsoft Follows Oracle In Tighter Linux Embrace

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Agrees to back use of SUSE Linux with Windows, plans joint work with Novell

Microsoft Corp. last week announced a deal to promote the use of Novell Inc.’s SUSE Linux operating system alongside Windows in mixed server environments — a move that came just a week after nemesis Oracle Corp. significantly tightened its embrace of Linux.

Microsoft isn’t taking as big a leap into Linux as Oracle, which plans to clone Red Hat Inc.’s market-leading version of the open-source operating system and offer technical support to users at what it described as discount prices relative to what Red Hat charges.

Under its deal with Novell, Microsoft doesn’t plan to sell or support SUSE Linux. Instead, it will recommend the software to Windows users who want to add Linux systems. It will also purchase from Novell and then distribute about 70,000 coupons annually that entitle users to a year’s worth of maintenance and support on SUSE Linux. The two vendors said they will do joint development work in several technology areas, including virtualization of Windows on SUSE Linux and vice versa.

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August 29, 2006

Linux Installs Made Easier

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click on the image to go to is a handy Web site from which users can create customized installation images for a handful of different Linux distributions.

The site’s service, SystemDesigner, is free, and administrators should find it particularly helpful when provisioning multiple machines—either physical or virtualized.

The Instalinux site was put together by former Hewlett-Packard employee Chris Slater, and SystemDesigner is based on HP’s open-source Linux Common Operating Environment project. >>>>

10 common misunderstandings about the GPL

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The GNU General Public License (GPL) is one of the most widely used software licenses — and, undoubtedly, the most misunderstood. Some of this misunderstanding comes from hostile propaganda, but some also comes from a lack of experience in licensing issues on the part of both lawyers and lay users, and the use of standard language in conventional end-user license agreements that are unthinkingly coupled with the GPL. In all cases, the confusion is frequently based on misreadings, rumors, secondhand accounts, and what is convenient to believe. >>>>

August 9, 2006

10 reasons to dump Windows [part I]

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Microsoft has reached an enormous success with its Windows product during the last decade and practically monopolized the market for home computer operating systems. But, does it mean Windows is still the best OS around, especially for power users? I’m going to cumulate my Windows XP frustrations and tell you about the top 10 reasons why I decided to dump Windows and use GNU/Linux as my primary desktop OS. >>>>

August 7, 2006

Desktop Linux breakthrough: Lenovo preloads SUSE on ThinkPad

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Finally. For years, the holy grail of the Linux desktop has been to get a major computer vendor to commit to preloading a Linux desktop. It finally happened.

On August 4th, we found out that Lenovo Group, the company that has taken over IBM’s Personal Computing Division, had made a deal with Novell Inc. to preload SLED 10 (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) on its ThinkPad T60p mobile workstation.

For the first time, a major OEM (original equipment manufacturer) has committed to preloading a Linux desktop.

For years, you could get preloaded Linux from smaller vendors. Linspire, MEPIS, and Xandros all have arrangements with second and third-tier OEMs to produce preloaded Linux PCs and laptops. If you were a big-time customer ordering hundreds of systems at a crack, you could also get a major OEM to preload Linux for you. >>>>

August 3, 2006

An Early Look at Freespire

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In two weeks, Linspire Inc. will release Freespire, its community Linux distribution.

This new distribution isn’t just another Linux distro.

It will represent the first Linux to include most of the legally licensed and available, third-party proprietary codices, drivers and software.

To say this is a bit controversial in Linux and free software circles is like saying the dog days of August are somewhat hot.

Nevertheless, Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony bit the bullet in April, and the first release candidate of Freespire is now available.

The operating system is available for free from its main Web site as a BitTorrent download.

What comes with Freespire? >>>>

SLE10: Top 5 Reasons for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10

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Getting away from marketing talking points, Getting away from marketing talking points, we get two SUSE engineering insiders, Gerald Pfeifer and Mihnea Istinie, to give us a their perspective as to why to use SUSE Linux Enterprise. But first, Ted and Erin provide a short review of their trip to LugRadio Live and the SUSE office in Nuremberg.

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SGI reports Linux-aided world record

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As the US computer manufacturer SGI reports, one of its Altix 4700 systems has outpaced the previous STREAM Triad benchmark record by a factor of 4, achieving a sustained memory bandwidth of 4.35 terabytes per second.

The STREAM Triad Benchmark, developed by the University of Virginia, is an approach to measuring memory bandwidth that employs datasets much larger than the available cache on any given system.

SGI’s test system was an Itanium system running under Novell’s Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 made up of 1,024 CPUs and with 4 terabytes of main memory; a configuration that amounts to the largest single system image attainable on a Linux OS system. The system is meanwhile part of the Federal Republic’s high-performance computer at the Leibniz Computing Centre Munich (LRZ) in the district of Garching; the measurements had already been carried out on June 1. (Robert W. Smith) / (jk/c’t)

Novell made the right decision even if for the wrong reasons

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Novell has decided not to use proprietary Linux modules such as the NVidia accelerated driver. My first reaction was that Novell was being needlessly idiotic. Then I read this article on, by Matt Hartley. It calls out the leading Linux distributions for failing to band together to pressure hardware vendors to pre-install Linux. I’ve been saying basically the same thing for the past few years, so I heartily agree with this article. It was then that it occurred to me that Novell may have made the right decision, even if for the wrong reason. >>>>

August 2, 2006

Microsoft supports Linux, virtually

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After years of hoping to crush Linux, Microsoft is trying to show it can get along with its open source rival.

The software maker is announcing a partnership that will make sure its next virtualisation technology can run versions of Linux that have been adapted for a different, open source virtualisation foundation called Xen. It is linking up with commercial software maker XenSource to offer joint development and support for the two technologies, which take a similar approach.

“What Microsoft and XenSource are committing to, effectively, is building a bridge” between the two tools, said Jeff Price, a senior director in Microsoft’s Windows Server group. >>>>

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