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January 8, 2007

Dedicated Compiz web site and forums

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Compiz is a compositing window manager that uses 3D graphics acceleration via OpenGL. It provides various new graphical effects and features on any desktop environment, including Gnome and KDE.

  • Window management has never looked so enticing: Through OpenGL accelerated compositing, Compiz provides tons of new visual effects. It’s also flexible enough so you could easily add more through a plugin system.
  • Compiz is compatible: Any X Window System based desktop environment, including (but not limited to) Gnome and KDE, is supported.

Choose Your Logo

The final round of voting has begun! To see the logos that made it to the final round please go to the Contest Page. A voting thread has been posted on the forum, and we encourage anyone to register and vote in this poll.

Click here to go to the Compiz web page



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