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September 29, 2006

Linux XP Desktop 2006

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Linux XP Desktop 2006, a Russian-language Linux distribution that mimics Windows XP, on Sept. 21 introduced its first English-language version. The Russia-based project claims that its distribution provides “extensive” compatibility with Windows XP, including an XP-like theme and icons, plus the ability to run thousands of Windows applications.

Quoting from the project’s website: “Need Internet Explorer or other Windows applications? Just install and run them under Linux XP Desktop! Thousands of Windows applications are tested for compatibility. You can use data from your Windows data drives, share folders or even logon to Windows domains.” >>>>



  1. If you have Windows XP, why do you use linux?
    Basically I dont see any advantages to using linux over windows xp, Im dual booting windows
    and ubuntu. Ubuntu is nice and all but I dont see anything that would make me prefer it
    over windows.The only thing i have been using ubuntu for is web browsing playing
    music/movies (cant play games) which I can do better/hassle free in windows.
    So what are the advantages of l using linux over xp?

    Comment by Quinton — December 12, 2006 @ 10:33 pm

  2. First of all you agree that u are able to do “web browsing playing
    music/movies “…and you are doing that for free…you know ? half of more than half of the world population can’t afford a PC,forget about them getting windows…There are lots of movements happening around the world to en power the rest of the half afford a PC, one example is OLPC Project…Do u ever think they can afford a copy of Windows ???? This is where Linux comes in…And Linux requires Less Hardware to run…and secure,scalable etc….the proof for that is the growth of Linux in Data center..
    i agree with you Linux isn’t a good gamin machine, but then what percent of PC users user their PC for gaming??? Linux isn’t a good gaming machine only because there is a lesser demand in this area…and the Hardware companies are reluctant to release their graphic driver for Linux…but i believe this will eventually happen by seeing the momentum Linux is gaining…

    Comment by rakeshvk — December 16, 2006 @ 6:15 pm

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