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September 29, 2006

Linux: Suspend and Resume

Filed under: Kernel, Linux — rakeshvk @ 5:47 pm

A recent thread on the lkml explored the current state of suspend and resume in the Linux kernel. Nigel Cunningham responded to a patch for uswsusp exclaiming, “guys! Why can’t you see yet that all this uswsusp business is sheer lunacy?” He went on to reiterate his concerns that the important logic involved in suspending will take place in the kernel, and that trying to move it to userspace won’t work. Andrew Morton joined in, “I’d suggest that it’d be better to be expending the grey cells on making the present suspend stuff nice and solid, stable and fast,” going on to add, “right now a suspend-to-disk spends more time futzing around doing mysterious-but-probably-pointless stuff than it does writing memory to disk. I’ve no idea what it’s doing with all that time, but I’ll wager it’s not very useful to anyone ;)”

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