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September 29, 2006

KDE vs. Gnome

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One of the most common questions people new to Linux ask is “Should I use KDE or Gnome?” Unfortunately, the answers are usually useless–anything from “Just try each one to see what works for you” to “Gnome is much better.” That said, selecting a desktop environment should probably be one of the last things you worry about as a Linux “newbie.” Hardware detection, email set-up, etc. are far more important to day-to-day functioning than your desktop environment. It’s sort of like just learning how to ski and worrying about the color of your skis–learn how to ski first! Also, most versions (or distributions) of Linux have a default desktop environment (for example, Blag and Ubuntu default to Gnome, and Mepis and PCLinuxOS default to KDE), so if you’re really conflicted about what to use, just use the default one that comes with your distribution. If you’re later dissatisfied with it, you can always install and use another desktop environment on the same distribution.

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  1. I disagree. Hardware detection is something you should not have to worry, hopefully. I think GNOME and KDE really differ in many ways and as ppl are different it might be a good idea to choose the Desktop that you like the best and afterwards choose the distro that supports this desktop best. Not to forget that today many hardware detection is handled by desktops in userspace (like USB devices or CD-ROMS). What fits best also depends on what software you need. GNOME and KDE do get nearer but I think the choice still is essential. Otherwise you might get the impression that with KDE or GNOME Linux is not what you like but it really is the desktop you have chosen that does not fit to your usage.

    Comment by vinci — October 4, 2006 @ 10:05 am

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