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September 20, 2006

GParted LiveCD

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If you are a computer power user, chances are good that you have had to partition your hard drive in the past. If you don’t have a clue what partitioning is, I will put it simply: It’s a way of dividing up a single hard drive into multiple virtual hard drives. So essentially, you could take an 80GB hard drive and divide it up into a 40GB Windows partition and a 40GB Linux partition. Of course, the options are limitless and will differ depending on your goals.

If you are a single OS user, it still pays to make use of partitions. In Linux especially! Since there is no way to defrag the hard drive, things are sure to get fragmented down the road. So, with some time, you could set up partitions for seperate folders on your hard drive. For instance, you could have one partition on /home, one on /tmp and maybe one on /boot. /tmp is a good one, because that’s a folder that’s accessed a lot, so to have it on it’s own partition would keep the fragmentation away from other areas of the disk.

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