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August 23, 2006

Protect your applications with AppArmor

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AppArmor is a product that Novell acquired when they bought the company Immunix in May 2005. It provides an interesting alternative to traditional security measures. AppArmor works by profiling the applications that it is protecting. A profile records the files that an application needs to access, and the capabilities it needs to exercise, during normal, “good” operation. Subsequently, a profile can be “enforced”; that is, attempts by the application to access resources not explicitly permitted by the profile are denied. Properly configured, AppArmor ensures that each profiled application is allowed to do what it is supposed to do, and nothing else.

This article is excerpted from the newly published book SUSE Linux Copyright © 2006 O’Reilly Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission from the publisher. Available from booksellers or direct from O’Reilly Media.

The documentation uses the metaphor of “immunizing” the applications, but the product does not actually prevent an application from being infected or compromised. Rather, it limits the damage that an application can do if this should happen.

If we must have a medical metaphor, “quarantine” might be better, or you might think of it as offering the program a large white handkerchief to sneeze into to prevent it from spreading germs.

AppArmor was originally a closed-source product, but became open source in January 2006. It is included with SUSE Linux 10.1 and with SLES9 SP3. It was also included with SUSE Linux 10.0, but the profiling tool was deliberately restricted in scope and required the purchase of a license file to become fully functional. >>>>


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