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August 10, 2006

AMD To Open-Source ATI Drivers?

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From the moment I got the call, I knew there was much more to AMD’s acquisition of ATI than was being reported. My mind immediately leaped to the ramifications the acquisition would have on ATI’s relationship with Intel OEMs. Intel couldn’t be jazzed about having AMD inside systems that bear Intel’s imprint. Then I wondered whether AMD’s acquisition might result in the opening up of ATI’s graphics drivers, which are now distributed only in binary form. Is ATI rival NVidia going to keep working with AMD? And how does this figure into LIVE!, AMD’s push into consumer electronics and media centers? >>>>


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  1. There is already quite a bit of discussion in the community on the binary Gfx drivers released by ATI and nVidia. It is very unlikely though that drivers for the high end gfx cards be open sourced. Doing it would mean ‘trade secrets’ would no longer remain secrets since the specs of the card would come out in the open. If AMD gets itself an onboard Gfx controller, then that driver might be. And if you didnt know earlier :

    At this point in time, the best gfx h/w for intel may be from… AMD 😉

    Comment by Anthroponym — August 12, 2006 @ 1:06 pm

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