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August 3, 2006

The state of

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It’s been nearly a year since 2.0 was released, so I sat down with Louis Suárez-Potts, chair of’s community council and community manager, at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Portland, Ore., last week to see what’s on the development roadmap. Suárez-Potts says that development is moving along nicely, but it will probably be a while before we see 3.0.

Suárez-Potts says that is concentrating on smaller releases that add features to the 2.0 architecture. He says that 3.0 is “on the drawing board,” but that the project is moving away from the “proprietary logic” of “big” releases, and focusing on incremental releases instead.

Suárez-Potts says that the project released 2.0.3 recently, and should have a 2.0.4 release in a couple of months. The 2.0.3 release isn’t a huge leap in functionality, but it is more than a bugfix point release. For example, Suárez-Potts says that 2.0.3 adds additional features for PDF export, better integration with database structures, and an online update feature that allows users to check for updates online. >>>>


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